Thursday, July 3, 2014


Anti Aging using ageless secret products!


Identical twins are identical in every single way, yet they grow old differently. Individuals that are "into" mind energy, just like Tibetan monks and Chi Gung Masters can appear yrs more youthful.

A well-known Harvard University experiment, isolated a team of people in their 70‘s for 2 full weeks inside an environment that was in every single way like when they were younger. The journals, the type of food, the music, and the discussions resembled when they were younger ... and they began to look and act years younger! Soon after returning to their typical setting, their results went away.

Our bodies are actually restored by means of our DNA. Aging takes place due to the fact that our DNA no longer does the job like it did when we were young. DOCTOR Harold S. Burr, Ph.D. professor of Life Sciences at Yale University validated the body has an energy field and he pointed out that the field is really a "blueprint" with regard to the developing organism, for example telling it exactly where to put the eyes, the nose and the mouth. He likewise showed our thoughts can easily affect the field and that suggests they can alter the blueprint which determines just how well your DNA seems to be working.

Might this Energy Field be simply the "missing link" between our mind energy body connection and our ability to keep our own selves looking young?

As the yrs go by the majority of us look older although every 6 months, each and every facial skin cell is new.


Might it be that as we age, the connection diminishes between the Energy Field and the mind- energy -body?
What if a product could work with the Energy Field? The Ageless Secret is actually an Energetic Cosmetic that works partly with the Energy Field in order to bolster the mind energy connection and it is actually marketed as an invisible beauty mask due to its hydrating, skin training, and toning and prompt face lifting effect.

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